The 1000-g cups

The 1000-G Cups


They are the heaviest and most durable jumbo cups in magic! Some people may ask why I designed and introduced another cup into the market. The answer is simple, this is not just another set of cups. Let me explain. As a busker, and corporate entertainer, I perform over 1500 shows per year. I believe that making noise helps with drawing a crowd and keeping them engaged. To make a good noise, you need to be able to give the cups a good whack. Whether it's hitting the cups with the stick, slamming them onto the table, or slamming them together in a stack, the jumbo cups currently on the market, don't hold up. The beads collapse, the saddle flattens out, the mouth deforms, making the cups impossible to use.


After going through set after set of cups, and spending a lot of money year after year doing so, I set out to design a set of cups that WOULD hold up to the abuse. The 1000-G cups are the result. They are made in the U.S.A. on a CNC machine, from a solid block of 303 stainless steel. They have solid beads, instead of pressed beads and are thicker in the areas where I have had so many problems with other cups. The cups themselves weigh 1.5 pounds each making them the heaviest cups on the market. Although heavier, the 1000-G cups are balanced making them easy to adjust to and adapt your specific routine to the cups. 



Mouth opening: 3.5"

Cup width excluding beads: 3.625"

Cup height: 3.77"

Saddle depth: 3/16"

Saddle width: 2"

Cup weight each: 1.5 lbs

Cup stack weight: 4.5 lbs



 Once I used the cups, I decided that a wood wand wasn't going to make the sound that I was looking for. I tried aluminum next, however, after the first good whack with the wand, it bent.  It just couldn't stand up against the cups. The only obvious option, after that, was to make a matching wand from 303 stainless steel. I figured, why not? The strongest cups on the market deserve to have the strongest wand to use with them. The wand is 1/2" diameter and 13.5" in length with rounded tips and dress lines on each end.


 Now the search was on for the right balls to use with the cups. Simply put, there are a lot of ball choices out there. 1 1/8" balls worked well, but the cups could use a bigger ball. 1 3/8" balls were a little too big for me to smoothly manipulate. I decided to make a 1 1/4" ball. The heavy rubber cored ball is crocheted for the perfect feel.

Partnering with my friend, Bill Sutter, we decided that the magic community needed the 1000-G cups. A set of cups that would hold up and last year after year regardless of what a performer might throw at them. We decided to offer 30 numbered sets, all made 100% in the U.S.A., for the magic community to enjoy.



 3 - Numbered 303 stainless steel 1000-G cups

303 stainless steel wand

4 - Professional 1 1/4" working balls

Heavy duty organic canvas carrying bag

Wooden display box

Certificate of authenticity

PRICE: $750.00 + Shipping


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