Bill - Texas

I like it! Those are really fine looking cups. The website is well designed. I think you have a hit on your hands!

Robert - Iowa

Cups arrived today and all I can say is WOW!!! I knew they would be impressive but they far surpassed my expectations. Even my wife and daughter thought the cups were very impressive. Thanks again for a great product and have a great day.

Robert - Pennsylvania

I bought a set and I love them. They are about the size of the Gazzo cups but twice the weight. I was concerned about handling heavier cups but it is not a problem at all. They handle great. If I accidentally dropped these cups on concrete, I wouldn't even panic. Provided they don't get lost or stolen, it is hard to imagine these are not lifetime type cups.

These are durable cups for workers that will last a lifetime. They handle great and I couldn't be happier with them.

Michael - Florida

OK so I’ve had these for a few days the cups and balls is nothing new to me. This is actually my second set that I’ve owned. My first set I bought 12 years ago from rings and things, they were stainless steel Monte cups. Which are not being made anymore. Having said that I want to talk about these cups. My first impressions when I opened up the box was wow!! These things are a magnificent work of art. After playing with them for a while I noticed that various moves and sleights used in various cups in balls routines seem to be a lot easier to execute. They just seem to have the perfect feel in the hands. The cups themselves are thick stainless steel and they are tough. I can’t imagine these cups getting dents in them they’re just super strong. They are big cups I would say bigger than the gazzo cups and will definitely hold various types of loads. The main load that I use is a live rat his name is typhus Ty for short I got him from the pet shop three years ago. These cups definitely will attract attention. In fact one of the things about cups and balls in general is that they don’t look like cups at all. I was performing with them tonight and a man had asked me if I bought them at a military surplus shop I said no why he said because they look like tips casings from a military hellfire missile which I thought was interesting I don’t know how true that is but it sounds good. Anyway the fact that they are CNC machine makes the cups perfect and perfectly matched. I would say that these cups are perfect for a beginner because if you can master the basics of cups and bars with these cups then any other cups will be a breeze. As for somebody with years of experience with cups and balls, I would say that they will take some getting used to. If I had to mention the downside I’m still trying to work out a way to travel with these they are heavy. But that plays a big part in them being indestructible. The Cups are beautiful.

Now I want to talk about the wand. The wind is made of the same material that the cups are made of so they match. The wand is super strong with a beautiful look to it. It doesn’t look like the average corny magicians wand that people won’t take seriously. It provides an excellent happy medium between A wand that you would see a serious magician using and doesn’t scream average. The wand was a big selling point for me, because I know that these cups are not easy to make and the wand could not of been easy to make as well, the wand itself is a beautiful work of art. It has a perfect weight to it for doing various wand flourishes. I will point out it will take some getting used to and it’ll definitely give your wrist a work out. you would never be afraid to drop this or even throw or even use it in self-defense if needed. like the cups it is indestructible.  

As for the balls they are a beautiful green color kind of like the color of money. They match with the cups perfectly. And just like everything else with this set they’re super quality and the perfect size. They’re kind of bouncy. But they will not roll out of control on the table that’s one thing I noticed about them. But if you drop them off the table they will roll, they are a perfect balance with weight and ratio. Again a lot of thought went into these.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. This will be the last set of cups and balls I will ever own I’m even thinking about getting another set just for a back up. These cups will not rust and they will definitely hold their own against any kind of abuse that you would throw at them. Highly recommended and they definitely draw attention and that was proven when I brought them to my show. this is indeed the holy Grail for cups, balls and wand. 

Jake Jr. - Virginia

The Review:
My last review was on the Legend Cups & Balls by Murphy's Magic. The Legend cups play part in this review.

The 1000-G cups could very well be the last set of Street Cups you will ever need.

The set comes in a sturdy wooden box with a drawer type lid that is hallmarked with the set name and serial number out of 30 sets made, a set of 4 beautiful crochet balls, a wand that is equal in quality as the cups. There is also a hallmarked bag in which the cups reside. Each cup bears the stamp of the number set you received.

The material that Kristian Charles chose for these cups is Stainless Steel, but more important the grade 303 of stainless is perfect.  I believe the wand as well is 303. I purposely dropped the cups on the kitchen flood tile and in the living room with zero damage.  I don't see my set ever hitting concrete as I use a carpet when I perform outdoors. Even if these were to hit concrete, it would merely nick the cup with minimal damage.

I have to say, these cups are perfect for busking, but also for indoor performance.

It doesn't take much time to adjust to the size and weight of the cups. I did however re-sprain my thumb while handling the set :/  The weight of each cup is 1lb 8.33 oz, all 3 cups weigh EXACTLY the same. The wand weighed in at 15.4 oz. and is just as beautiful as the cups and well balanced.

The ring test I did with the cups and supplied wand was AWESOME, but I was indoors. So I took them outside to test. I couldn't stop tapping the cups. The sound outside could be heard at 50ft away, Frederick joined in for my distance test. The ringing gave both of us a laugh, as I continued to tap on the cups, the local dogs houses away started howling and barking. That finalized the Ring test for us here :). ** I can also attest that striking these cups with the wand supplied left NO noticeable marks on the cups.

Room? There is plenty of room in these cups for a large orange, baseball or what ever you can fit in them. If you have something just a tad too big the weight of the cups will  hide the load if used on a mat.  A 3 ball stack on the top of the cups is a breeze.  I mentioned the Legend cups played part of this review. You can easily hide a Legend cup under one of the 1000-G cups with room to spare.

Pricing, I've spoken with some that scoffed at a 750.00 price tag for these cups. For real workers, we know they are worth every penny. And from a manufacturers point of view here, I quite frankly don't know how Kristian is doing it for that price point.  Our father certainly had no problem paying Auke 1200.00 for a set of stainless cups, so when I saw these at 750.00 I was amazed. The WOW factor was right from the time I picked up the first cup.

I just realized I don't have my calipers here at the house, so I'll have to provide follow-up dimensions later in the day today.

I generally review with a 5 star rating, so here goes.

Ad description to actual product -5
Product Material & CNC work -5
Packaging & Delivery -5
Price Point -5
Crochet Balls -5
Product Storage Materials -5
Durability -5
Ring Test -5+
Over all WOW Factor -5
Charles Atlas Workout Standard -5

-Jake Jr.