From corporate suites to company parties, and everything in between, the goal is to make sure that your guests and employees are entertained. What is the best way of doing that? Maybe a better question is, how do you want your guests to remember your event? How do you want them to feel at your event? Better yet, how do you want your guests to remember your event in a year?

If you answered fun, entertaining, and amazing to any of those questions, then Kristian Charles is the entertainment solution that you have been looking for. For over 25 years, Kristian has been traveling across the country performing for and entertaining corporations and companies just like yours. Whether it's mingling with guests at a corporate cocktail event for new prospective clients, performing strolling magic during a holiday party, to performing his award winning stand up / cabaret show, Kristian's show is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!




For over 25 years, Kristian has been bringing his unique style of magic and comedy to audiences around the country.

Kristian's award winning stand up / cabaret show is the perfect addition to any event. This is a family friendly show and is designed for audiences of 10 to 500. It is a perfect fit for a small stage, auditorium, concert hall, cruise ships, or any entertainment venue. 

Whether performing the 30 - 45 minute show or the 45 - 60 minute show, the audience is guaranteed to have a great time. In fact, the audience will remember what a great time they had first, and then, maybe wonder a little about how any of it was even possible.


In this high energy, entertaining show, Kristian performs a variety of tricks. Kristian customizes every show for each event so that he can maximize the entertainment value. The show is packed full of audience participation and he even includes the audience members that aren't brought on stage so that everyone feels as though they were part of the show.

Audiences and clients around the country agree that Kristian's magic is more than just a show, it's an experience.




So, the booth is set and you are expecting several thousand people to turn out. With all of the companies out there, how can you guarantee that your product or service will stand out and stay in the minds of everyone? How can you make sure that guests will stop to obtain more information about your company? Kristian Charles is your ace up the sleeve.

With over 25 years of experience, Kristian understands the importance of gathering a crowd around your display. Once he has gathered the crowd, the next step is to let them know about your product and how your product can help them. Kristian does this by using magical entertainment. He gives the crowd an amazing visual aid. He intertwines his magic with your company and shows everyone how your company stands above the other companies out there.

Once Kristian gets everyone laughing, having a good time, and introducing your product, he turns the crowd over to your sales team to give even more information through talking individually with all of your new prospective clients. Although Kristian can't guarantee that everyone watching will become new clients for your company, he can guarantee that everyone will remember your company because of the great time they had at your booth.




For over 25 years, Kristian has been traveling around the country performing his show on the streets. The streets are what has helped Kristian develop into the performer that he is today.

Imagine for a moment, 3 cups and 3 balls. In addition to the balls magically moving from cup to cup, now all of a sudden, a kiwi appears. Then from nowhere, 6 limes and 1, possibly, 2 cantaloupes appear. Sound impossible? That is just part of the routine that Kristian developed to perform surrounded in the middle of the street.

Kristian's show is perfect for any festival or street fair. There is a minimum of 4 hours performing time per day and is guaranteed to bring smiles and amazement to festival patrons. The time consists of several 15 to 30 minute shows when fair and festival goers want to see great magic. Because this show was designed to be performed on the street, in a busking style atmosphere, it involves Kristian asking the audience for donations at the end of each show.




Kristian brings his unique style of performing to the stage. This show is designed to be performed on a medium to large stage. It fits well into auditoriums, cruise ships, and any venue with a larger stage. 

In this show, Kristian combines parts of his award winning act with larger, one man illusions. From the moment that he appears on stage, Kristian walks you down the path of the impossible. He brings you into his childhood with a rope that was once used by Harry Houdini and even explains how he comes up with and designs his illusions. 

Kristian's show can be added among the midst of other performers or it can be a stand alone show with an intermission.

This is a family friendly, visual, and truly entertaining one man illusion show containing compelling stories and a ton of audience participation. 

Ready for Kristian to bring smiles and entertainment to your event?