"Kristian Charles is everything that a magician should be; enchanting, debonair, mystifying, and most importantly, entertaining. The time that you spend with him is filled with visual poetry and compelling stories. Every moment is illustrated by the impossible. His show is baffling yet, first you will remember what a great time you had, then maybe wonder a little about how any of it could have possibly happened."

​Kristian began his journey into magic at the young age of five when his Grandfather showed him his very first magic trick. That memory stayed with Kristian and he decided that he wanted to learn more about magic. After receiving a magic kit for Christmas, he practiced and practiced until, at the age of eight, he performed his first magic show in front of an audience.

That show ignited a passion that has continued to grow throughout the years. Kristian continued to study all aspects of magic; performance styles, tricks, routines, history, and theory. All of Kristian's practice led to him developing a routine that he could perform in any situation. He took what he had learned, and started performing at various street fairs and festivals. Kristian would set up his table and a crowd of people would encircle him to watch his show. The crowds would laugh, then applaud and Kristian soon realized that being a magician was more than doing tricks, it's about relating to his audience and entertaining them. 

" What began as a group of strangers gathered around a table, has now become a group of friends, largely in part because of the sensational and unique magic of Kristian Charles. "

Why do clients and audiences enjoy Kristian's show? According to Kristian, it is because he doesn't portray himself as something that he isn't. When he performs, he is himself. He understands that there is more to the art of magic than just doing a magic trick, you have to be able to relate to the audience that you are performing for in order to entertain them; take the audience away from their everyday situations and allow them to enjoy themselves.

Kristian's unique style of performing and his philosophy on magic has enabled him to win numerous awards. It has also allowed him to travel around the country performing and giving lectures about his style of performing. He has performed for thousands of personal parties, company parties, trade shows, corporate events, and on stage. Through all of the years that Kristian has been performing, he has realized that his style of magic fits into any event or venue that requires entertainment.

That is how Kristian travels across the country performing for hundreds of thousands of people per year. Whether watching him perform on the street, watching him on stage performing his one man illusion show, and everything in between, one thing is certain, you will be entertained!!!